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Self-Determination of Sculpture

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Ivan Rusev at 70

On the occasion of his 70th birthday, the Bulgarian sculptor Ivan Rusev initiated a project dedicated to the basic conditions of sculpture. Ivan Rusev decides to invite a small group of authors of different generations who share an outside observation of themselves and explore art as a form of mental action, emphasizing the process of self-determination of the creative act. The project “Self-Determinations of Sculpture” seeks and describes a new kind of space in the art of sculpture. The authors at the exhibition present artistic strategies with an emphasis on the processes of self-determination at the level of autonomous motivation and internal regulation of the boundaries of art.

Curator: Peter Tzanev

Participating artists: Galya Blagoeva, Gabriele Berger, Dimitar Nikolov, Elena Ivanova, Ivaylo Avramov, Kiril Kuzmanov, Peter Tzanev

The project is impiementing with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture.