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Abou The Art center ilindentci

Art center Ilindentci and the unique Sculpture park

Situated at the foot of Pirin mountain. Magnificent are the views around the Art center and the Sculpture park. Suitable time for rest and tourism is from the middle of April till the middle of November. The climate is identical with the climate in the town of Sandanski and is auspicious for rest and creation. Well influenced the treatment cases of respiratory system, a different kinds allergies etc.Along with the excellent opportunities for artistic events, the location and its vicinities are rich in cultural, historical and natural landmarks. Old Roman mines as well as other archaeological sites may be found in the surrounding area. Caves well known to tourists and professionals and paleontological finds of 8 million years are another interesting possibility the environment offers. A couple-of-minutes walk from the Art Center main building are the “Vanga healing springs” and the historical “Stone Prisons” from 17-18 c. In the Historical Museum of Strumyani Municipality one can find information about other significant locations in the region like some old ruins, churches, ancient houses. Further opportunities of tourist interest are other outstanding local towns and areas like Sandanski, Melnik, Rupite and many others.

How to reach Art center Ilindentci?   You have to follow the main road E79 in the part Sofia-Kulata. In the center of village of Strumiani is deflection for village of Ilindentci – 3,5 km. Crossing through the village by asphalt road and following the information plates you can easy find the vast asphalt parking at the picturesque hill. The distance between Sofia and Ilindentci is 155 km and from Ilindentci till Sandanski town is only 15 km.